Mosaic Reflections

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Slushy Fishing

Slurrrrp! “Thanks for the slushy, dad.” My dad and I were driving to my first fishing trip. We were drinking slushies from Wesco. Mmm.

“Here we are,” my dad said as he turned the key. When we got out of the car another man pulled up by the river. He said he would be fishing downstream. We were glad because we were going up stream and we wouldn’t get in each other’s way.

I tucked my pants into my socks so they wouldn’t inch up my legs when I put my waders on. Waders are rubber pants you put on over your pant so you don’t get wet. They are like suspenders or overalls. Once I got my waders on my dad put together my fishing pole and I baited it with a fake bug.

When we got on the river my dad told me I probably wouldn’t catch a fish for a while. Pooh, I’d show him. I casted once, twice, three times… “Dad, I got one,” I yelled.

“Its probably just a snag,” my dad answered unenthusiastically.

“No, dad! It’s a fish! Come see!” I handed my dad the pole. He handed it back.

“You do have one, real it in!” my dad said this time enthusiastically. I brought the fish in and walked over to the shore and laid the fish on the riverbank. My dad told me it was a small mouth bass. Sweet! He also said it had to be fourteen inches to keep. The bass was only about a foot long so I had to let it go.

After I caught the fish my dad thought we should head upstream. So we climbed up the riverbank and found a trail (It takes longer to walk in the river.)

When we got a little upstream we came back into the river. I could hear old-fashioned music coming from the distance. It was so annoying.

Out of the blue, BOOM! Just like that my dad yelled, “I got one,” and reeled in a fish very excitedly. The fish my dad caught was les than six inches long. It was really funny when he reeled it in.

Then we decided to go home. We walked back to our car and I climbed in and took the last sip of my slushy.

-McKenna Mahacek