Mosaic Reflections

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tiger Pride

I found myself standing and staring at Comerica Park ready to get in to watch the baseball game. Standing, holding my mitt in my hand and my hat on my head, I got so excited my mom had to repeat what she tried telling me three times until I stood still. She was asking me if I saw my cousin. He was giving us tickets to the last Tigers' game of the season, but I didn’t see him. It seemed like forever, but finally my dad spotted him coming toward us. After getting our tickets and thanking my cousin, we walked in.

Sliding through the bars to the stadium, I was taking in all the smells -- some good and some not so good. I felt like a new puppy. I could not believe I was there. As though it was a dream, I raced to catch up with my dad, trying not to hit anyone. When we reached our destination (which in this case was the row we were assigned), I looked down at the field. It was gigantic! Well, bigger than it is on television, but that was not as amazing as seeing the Tigers warming up. My heart skipped a beat. I felt my stomach drop.

Walking down the stairs to our seats I heard more noise than I've ever heard before. I screamed to my mom, "It's noisy!" She just smiled and said, "That's just the beginning."

During the game I thought I was going to lose my voice (which would not be good). I screamed so loud trying to cheer for the Tigers, I couldn't hear myself think. I can't believe they went all the way to the 13th inning. It was a close game, but I think the Tigers got too tired to win. It was still a good game, however, especially because it was the first major league baseball game I'd ever been to. It was outstanding!

Hey, did you hear my mom say the kids got to run the bases? I did! That was really fun: leaping over bases not trying to hit the other kids, of course. I'll admit it, I don't think I could top that. It was the most fun thing I did this summer.

- Emma LaVercombe

Get Confidence

If I had a friend that thought they were a loser, I'd tell them to get a little bit of confidence in yourself. After all, you are my friend and you're not a loser! I am not letting you think that you're a loser because if you think that way now you'll think that way when you get older. People might then push you around, tease you or call you names. When that happens you'll never like yourself. So, get some confidence for yourself.

-Aliyah Mclemore