Mosaic Reflections

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's All Mine

I love my room at my grandparents’ house because I don’t have to share with my brother anymore. So, it’s all mine! Being in my room is relaxing, and it gives me time to think, or I like to pray when I’m in my room alone. I have a sign outside my door that says “Stay Out!” and on the other side, “Come In!” so I have a chance at alone time.

My grandparents live on the lake, so I go swimming and jump on the water tramp. When I was little I had to wear a lifejacket to go swimming, but now I don’t--well, except for when I go on the Sea-doo. One of my favorite things to do is eat in the gazebo, a little one room building that you can eat and play cards in. Sometimes we will eat dinner in the gazebo. I also like to fish and play hide and seek.

I have two other favorite rooms in my grandparents’ house. One is my grandma’s office because I get to scrapbook and make cards. I have three scrapbooks, but one is empty. I’m getting better at making cards and scrapbook pages. On Mother’s Day I made two cards.

The other favorite room is the kitchen because I absolutely love cooking and baking. I love baking rhubarb pie, because you get to make this lattice or twirly lines made out of dough. That’s why I think my grandma’s office and kitchen are fun!

My most favorite thing to do is to be with my grandma and grandpa. My grandma always teaches me something new and helps me out. Now my grandpa, he’s a different story. My grandpa works hard and is hilarious. I love him. I am grateful for my grandma and grandpa, and they are the reason I love to be at their house.

- Dalton Tuggle

A Special Place to Go

The grass flowing in the wind, birds singing. What a special place to go--the woods. The woods is the best place to go when you feel sad or just when you feel stressed out. The woods have a pond that floods when the snow melts. So whenever you’re back there you are bound to see the two ducks that always hang around. Many snakes are always lurking in and out of logs, too.

Looking at all the wildlife makes me wish the whole world looked like this. Sometimes I’ll be in the woods with my friends or I’ll just be alone and sing a happy tune while I walk. Once in a while if I’m real quiet, I can hear birds singing, squirrels gathering nuts, ducks quacking, and bees humming.

In the winter, if I’m lucky, it will rain and the water will freeze and make a huge natural ice skating rink for me and my friends to slide all around on! Or we make ice hard snow forts and have snow ball fights.

When spring comes and the snow melts, I’ll grab a walking stick and balance on trees that fell. Always have a walking stick when balancing over water or you’ll fall in just like me! The woods is a great place to be every month of the year. The woods is the best place to play and is the most special place to be every day.

- Arden Clark

I Love the Beach

A special and important place to me is the beach. I like the beach because it is so peaceful and quiet, other than the sounds of the crashing waves. You can also have so much fun down at the beach. You can play tag, hide and-go-seek, and one of my favorites, water football.

When I run on the beach I love the feeling of the burning sand on my feet. Sometimes it gets too hot and I have to find shelter under a tree or in the water. I usually go to the beach in the summer all day into the night. I love about the beach. Sometimes my mom let’s me go out really deep in the water--well, when it’s sunny and the waves are calm.

I love walking down the shore looking for dunes to climb up. Sometimes the dunes are really loose and dry so every time I take a step I just slide down a step. In this way I don’t make much progress. I also have a lot of bonfires at the beach in the summer.

When I go home and fall asleep, I dream about what I am going to do at the beach the next day.

- Drew Cannon

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What I Hate About Spring

Most people (or things) in the book, “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,” were very happy to see spring again; but me, now that’s a different story.

There are some things I absolutely hate, and one of those things is spring. For most people spring would be like: I love the smell of flowers, the sound of birds chirping, the feel of a cool breeze against my face. To me spring is: I hate the smell of pollen, the sound of cars running over sloppy mush that was once snow, the feel of extremely itchy eyes.

From my point of view spring is pure torture. You know, spring wouldn’t be that bad if the medicine actually worked, but too bad most of the time it doesn’t.

Basically, the first thing I notice about spring is the stuffy nose. It stinks (not literally) because when I have a stuffy nose I can’t smell whatsoever. I hate spring and from past experiences spring hates me.

- Stuart Velarde

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Slushy Fishing

Slurrrrp! “Thanks for the slushy, dad.” My dad and I were driving to my first fishing trip. We were drinking slushies from Wesco. Mmm.

“Here we are,” my dad said as he turned the key. When we got out of the car another man pulled up by the river. He said he would be fishing downstream. We were glad because we were going up stream and we wouldn’t get in each other’s way.

I tucked my pants into my socks so they wouldn’t inch up my legs when I put my waders on. Waders are rubber pants you put on over your pant so you don’t get wet. They are like suspenders or overalls. Once I got my waders on my dad put together my fishing pole and I baited it with a fake bug.

When we got on the river my dad told me I probably wouldn’t catch a fish for a while. Pooh, I’d show him. I casted once, twice, three times… “Dad, I got one,” I yelled.

“Its probably just a snag,” my dad answered unenthusiastically.

“No, dad! It’s a fish! Come see!” I handed my dad the pole. He handed it back.

“You do have one, real it in!” my dad said this time enthusiastically. I brought the fish in and walked over to the shore and laid the fish on the riverbank. My dad told me it was a small mouth bass. Sweet! He also said it had to be fourteen inches to keep. The bass was only about a foot long so I had to let it go.

After I caught the fish my dad thought we should head upstream. So we climbed up the riverbank and found a trail (It takes longer to walk in the river.)

When we got a little upstream we came back into the river. I could hear old-fashioned music coming from the distance. It was so annoying.

Out of the blue, BOOM! Just like that my dad yelled, “I got one,” and reeled in a fish very excitedly. The fish my dad caught was les than six inches long. It was really funny when he reeled it in.

Then we decided to go home. We walked back to our car and I climbed in and took the last sip of my slushy.

-McKenna Mahacek

Monday, November 27, 2006

My Challenge

It all started when I was at my cousin Ashley’s house. We were having a great time baking food, when all of a sudden she answered the worst phone call ever. She hung up the phone and said, “Your sister called and said she’s moving today.”

When I got home, my sister wanted to talk to me. She hoped our relationship would grow stronger even though she was going to move. I helped her pack. It was hard to help her move things, because when your heart feels deep and heavy so do the things that you’re holding.

After she moved out, it felt like I was starting a new life without her. I decided to look in the past and remember her in my own ways. Then she started to stop by every now and then, telling us stories about the people she’d been living with.

By the time it was October, I realized that no matter what I do or say, I can’t change her mind about moving back in.

- Sophia Baker

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'll Admit It

Written the first week of school by Miranda Petersen.

I’ll admit it, I’m glad I got Mr. Chittenden for a fifth grade teacher, but this morning I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I also couldn’t sleep last night. I was so happy!

Over the summer I had fun going to Michigan Adventure, Chicago, and to parties. I also enjoyed playing with my second cousins. One of my cousins had a baby girl. We had a princess party to celebrate her birth. The baby’s name is Andrea. At the party there was a mini chocolate fountain to dip fruit, cookies, and anything that was on the table in. What I liked best was the games, not the mini chocolate fountain. I guess I don’t like chocolate that much. My cousin also has three boys!

In Chicago I watched the Chicago Fire soccer team play soccer. I also went out on the field with the players. I got a free jersey for going out on the field with them. At the end of the game some of the soccer players autographed a lot of stuff. I got three autographs. The players also gave away their shoes. It was so much fun!

When I went to Michigan Adventure I went on the Funnel of Fear and climbed up a wall backwards! My dad went off a drop-off backwards. On our Michigan Adventure trip we took my brother’s best friend. I didn’t like that at all, but I still had fun all summer long.

- Miranda Petersen

A Writer's Challenge

Almost everybody has a problem, including me. My problem was writing. Long ago,in second grade, I had a problem writing. I couldn’t write so well, so my teacher, Mrs. Ewing, tried to teach me how to write better.

Then finally I could understand writing. The most important project of the year was near and if I passed it I would be as happy as I could be. Then on the next day of school it was time to write our story.

The topic was about what we did on our Christmas vacation. I wrote four of the best pages I could. Then I handed it in wondering if I would do well on the paper. Then on the next day of school I got my writing back and it was a six.

I was so happy! But that wasn’t all my teacher told me. I would be reading my story on the radio. I got so happy that I could finally understand writing and I was good at it thanks to my second grade teacher.

- Connor Rood

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tiger Pride

I found myself standing and staring at Comerica Park ready to get in to watch the baseball game. Standing, holding my mitt in my hand and my hat on my head, I got so excited my mom had to repeat what she tried telling me three times until I stood still. She was asking me if I saw my cousin. He was giving us tickets to the last Tigers' game of the season, but I didn’t see him. It seemed like forever, but finally my dad spotted him coming toward us. After getting our tickets and thanking my cousin, we walked in.

Sliding through the bars to the stadium, I was taking in all the smells -- some good and some not so good. I felt like a new puppy. I could not believe I was there. As though it was a dream, I raced to catch up with my dad, trying not to hit anyone. When we reached our destination (which in this case was the row we were assigned), I looked down at the field. It was gigantic! Well, bigger than it is on television, but that was not as amazing as seeing the Tigers warming up. My heart skipped a beat. I felt my stomach drop.

Walking down the stairs to our seats I heard more noise than I've ever heard before. I screamed to my mom, "It's noisy!" She just smiled and said, "That's just the beginning."

During the game I thought I was going to lose my voice (which would not be good). I screamed so loud trying to cheer for the Tigers, I couldn't hear myself think. I can't believe they went all the way to the 13th inning. It was a close game, but I think the Tigers got too tired to win. It was still a good game, however, especially because it was the first major league baseball game I'd ever been to. It was outstanding!

Hey, did you hear my mom say the kids got to run the bases? I did! That was really fun: leaping over bases not trying to hit the other kids, of course. I'll admit it, I don't think I could top that. It was the most fun thing I did this summer.

- Emma LaVercombe

Get Confidence

If I had a friend that thought they were a loser, I'd tell them to get a little bit of confidence in yourself. After all, you are my friend and you're not a loser! I am not letting you think that you're a loser because if you think that way now you'll think that way when you get older. People might then push you around, tease you or call you names. When that happens you'll never like yourself. So, get some confidence for yourself.

-Aliyah Mclemore