"Thirty-one men, one woman, a newborn child and a large black Newfoundland dog crossed an endless wilderness filled with extraordinary obstacles. The Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled the pulsing arteries of the continent, the Missouri and Columbia rivers, as well as crossed the Rocky Mountains, the nation's spine."

- The Bismark Tribune

WESTWARD HO with Lewis and Clark is in production by Kirby Chittenden's fifth grade class and will feature 25 students in a historical presentation of dance and music this month. Performances are scheduled for Thursday, April 26, and the following week. Several schools will be visiting Lake Hills Elementary School for this dramatic presentation.

Parisa, Jeff, and Hilary get a start on constructing the various scenic flats for the class production.

Lake Hills Elementary School
18181 Dogwood Drive
Spring Lake, MI

Thursday, April 26
9:30a | 11:30a | 1:30p | 7:00p
Friday, May 4
Tuesday, May 8
6:30p | 7:30p
Students provided concept drawings of what they thought the background should look like. Set artist Bonnie Benes then worked with our class on the design and painting.






Nic receives some instruction from artist Bonnie Benes on painting the prairie. Chris puts some finishing touches on a what explorers called a "prickly pear."


Jodi Porter of North Muskegon worked with the cast last month to choreograph several songs in the production:

  • Westward Ho!
  • Shoshone Hug
  • Bored to Tears

THIS PROJECT is made possible in part by a grant from the North Bank Communities Fund, a designated fund of the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to support educational, environmental, and recreational needs and opportunities in the municipalities of Ferrysburg, Spring Lake Village, and Spring Lake Township.

YOU CAN HELP provide the additional funding necessary for the Westward Ho with Lewis and Clark production. We need two families to provide a $30 gift as Captains; four families who donate a $20 gift as Sergeants; and six families who give a $10 gift as Privates. Checks may be made payable to Lake Hills Elementary School. Any surplus funding will be applied toward our fifth grade fund. Your support and generosity make a difference.

Westward Ho Cast
-  - -  - -  - -

Meriwether Lewis

  Alan Lisowicz  

Napolean Bonaparte

  Mike Lyons

William Clark

  Darcy Dubuc  

Thomas Jefferson

  Derek Barlas


  Jeffrey Chittenden  


  Sammy Holman

Peter, Sergeant Floyd

  Nic Labozzetta  


  Kellie McPherson


  Danielle Porter  

 Shoshone Chief

  Chris Weavers


  Thomas Mushroe  

 Shoshone Brave

  Jonathan Steinbach


  Nolan Sinkler  

Shoshone Squaw

  Emily Peterson


  Kevin Kozel  

Shoshone Squaw

  Bridgette Schlaack


  Stephanie Herman  


  Hilary Strang


  Parisa Steketee  


  Jesse Churchley


  Sarah Anderson  


  Ashley Holm


  Kady Foote  


  Mario Peugh


  Olivia Lane        

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