Selected writings from students
who read aloud in the classroom for
Veterans Day 2002

If I were a veteran, I would go to the cemetery and think of all my friends. I would cry because, those friends were my best friends and my friends died for our country. I'd feel so bad for them. Our country is so lucky to be free because of my friends and the other people of the United States of America.
-Jonathan Keur 

If I were a veteran, I would be thinking about my great grandfather Dr.Warmenhoven. I would be wondering what he was like. I would go to his grave and throw flowers on his grave. I would have a big party in remembrance of him. I would be doing all of this because he fought in World War II. That's what I would do if I were a veteran.
- Tori Holman

If I were a veteran, I would hold a celebration for all those people who survived and I would pray for all those who died. I would visit their graves and put flowers on their grave and pray for them. I would make up a special prayer for each and everyone of them. I would visit all those people who died or are still alive and either pray for them or talk to them. I would probably ask those who survived " What did you do with your life, after the war?" and "How is your life now?" That 's what I'd do if I were a veteran today.
- Elizabeth Valle

If I were a veteran, I would go visit the graveyard I would pray for all those who died in World War II. I would say 'thank you for saving our nation and God bless you'. I would go visit Hawaii and see all the boats that were used in the war. I would look at some of the airplanes that they used too. I would go to the World War II museum and look at every thing there. That's what I would do if I were a veteran today.
- Charlie Ainsworth

Lloyd Botimer, World War I veteran from Michigan and Susan Chittenden's grandfather, in a Veterans Day parade with his wife, Ruth. Mr. Botimer died at the age of 104 shortly after being awarded the French Legion of Honor for his role in the Battle of Verdun. [More info]

If I were a veteran, I would probably have larger fears of death than I ever did, because of how close I came to that point in time. But I guess I can count my self lucky. All of the memories I had--good and bad--I pledge to take them to my grave. All of the friends I made who had their lives taken away--I will remember them always. I am very much honored to have served for my country.
- Lauren Martin

If I were a veteran, I would celebrate living with all my other friends. I would tell about fighting and all the horrible and good things I saw. After I finished celebrating, I would play all the patriotic songs I know on the piano, and go to church to pray for all the friends I lost. Then I would mount pictures of them on the wall of my house. At night I would go to the graves of all my lost friends and put flowers or American flags on them. After that I would send cards and thank all the generals I knew because I had great respect for them. Then I would go to bed and be mourning over my lost friends, thanking the good Lord that I was still alive, and thanking those who gave their lives for our country.
- C.J. Stock

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