Thank You Classroom Sponsors

Our fifth grade field trip to the VanAndel Museum Center in Grand Rapdis was made possible by the support of these area businesses. Please join us in thanking our sponsors who contributed generously to Lake Hills Elementary School in 2004-2005.

Suzanne Velarde
Velarde Marketing
514 Pine, Ferrysburg
North Bank Laundromat

Gordon Naumoff, President
Rycenga Real Estate

1035 Robbins, Grand Haven
Rochester's Reef Fish & Pets


ANISHINABEK is the name of the native people of West Michigan; the Odawa (or Ottawa), the Chippewa, and the Potawatomi. The site of the Van Andel Museum Center was once a busy Odawa trading center on the Grand River.

Many of us spent the first hour exploring areas of the museum that took us back into the Grand Rapids area more than 100 years ago. Life in west Michigan during the 1890's was much different.

We got to discover The Furnture City, an engaging story about generations of people who made and sold furniture, and the methods they used to make and sell it.

As we climbed the stairs between the first and second floor, we were surrounded by a 1905 Corless-type steam engine that once powered the entire St. Johns Table Company in Cadillac. We followed the belts and shafts to see how power was transferred from the engine to a variety of woodworking machinery.

We were also left starry-eyed after a late morning visit to the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium,amazed by the music and laser light show.

A highlight of our visit was the opportunity to experience the touring Grossology Exhibition where we could look, listen, and sniff our way through the impolite science of really gross things relating to the human body.

Using over 800 square meters of sophisticated animatronics, interactive exhibits and hard science, Grossology explores the good, the bad and the downright ugly ways the human body works.

From listening and learning about burps and belches to touring the inside of the human nose, the Grossology exhibit gave new meaning to the term "hands-on science." It was so fifth grade...and we loved it.

It was a great day to spend at the museum in Grand Rapids. We appreciate the support of our classroom sponsors and the Northshore PTA for making it all possible.