Nancy and Joe are on a field trip in England and go exploring in a forest knoll near Dover Beach. Joe discovers a boulder with a sign on it that reads, "Whosoever removes this sword will be the rightful King of England." Shortly after, a 1500 year old woman appears out of nowhere, claiming to be a personal friend of Merlin the magician. It is here that she weaves the tale of King Arthur and how he became King of England. Flashbacks of King Arthur's court include characters such as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Hector, Pellinor, Tor, Grifeth, Lady Sybil, and Lady Catherine. MERLIN and the Magic Sword is in production by Kirby Chittenden's fifth grade class and will feature 25 students in a play written by professional actress and producer Connor Snyder. The show opens on Tuesday, May 13. The 30-minute play will also be featured in the 2003 Learning Expo at Lake Hills. Students have been preparing for the production since March and invite friends and family to share in their theatrical magic.

Victoria focuses on "locking" the chicken wire around a boulder for the set before cloth strips and diluted drywall compound is applied Kristen, Lauren, and Kayla.

Lake Hills Elementary School
18181 Dogwood Drive
Spring Lake, MI

Tuesday, May 13
11:30a | 7:20p | 8:00p

Wednesday, May 14
Thursday, May 15
Tuesday, May 20
Thursday, May 22

Set artist Bonnie Benes worked with our class on the design and painting. With latex paint, sponges, brushes, and a custom palette of colors, each student helped paint the backdrop. Scenic areas included the Archbishop's office, the forest knoll, as well as the castle.

Costumes are important to this class play and our parents are very helpful in designing, measuring, and making costumes for members of King Arthur's court. In fact, we had so many costumes to construct that Mr. Chittenden hauled out his tools to help make a backstage costume rack for the cast.

Merlin, a servant, Uther Pendragon, Queen Egraine, Martha, and Merlin's gremlins gather around the infant King Arthur.

From the past comes Gilda to retell the story of King Arthur to Joe and Nancy who have been exploring in the forest knoll of Dover, England.

Pelinor, Wendel, Tor, Grifeth, Lady Catherine, King Arthur, and Lady Sybil gather around as Arthur successfully removes it from the stone.

The scribes, the Archbishop, meet with Merlin to discuss his plans to introduce Arthur, the son of Uther Pendragon, as the rightful king of England.

Merlin and the Magic Sword

"I am absolutely stupified and so incredibly honored at the justice
your cast and crew have so obviously brought to my play."
- Connor Snyder
-  - -  - -  - -


  Caite Lenahan  


  C.J. Stock


  Elizabeth Valle  

Queen Igraine

  Victoria Petersen


  Kristin Woods  

King Uther

  Bruce Farr


  Gabe Ashendorf  

Gremlin 1

  Kayla Wells

Gremlin 2

  Rylee Tuggle  

Lady Catherine

  Katie Martin

Lady Sybil

  Jorie Grenell  

Servant 1

Katie Brandel

Servant 2

  Samantha Deters  

Sir Hector

  Dane Norburn

King Arthur

  Charlie Ainsworth  


  Jonathan Keur

Scribe 1

  Dustin VanVelzen  

Scribe 2

  Nicole Slootmaker


  Bobby Melvin  


Hannah Robin


  Lauren Martin  


  Tori Holman


  Sydney Miller  


  Sean Pierson


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