Lewis and Clark were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the Lousiana Territory shortly after its purchase in 1803. The United States had purchased the 820,000 square miles for only $15 million.

The cafe table below links to various sites which provide information about the expedition of over 8000 miles. Use these connections for your research and discover how about these two men who shared the responsibilities of a long, adventurous haul in a span of 28 months.

Online since 1998, Discovering Lewis and Clark, is a hyperhistory of in progress of the expedition. This outstanding multimedia overview is enhanced by at least one new interpretive event each month.

 The Adventures of Lewis and Clark


 Historic Trail

 Adventure Trail

 Heritage Foundation

 Blackfeet Indians

 William Clark

 Meriwether Lewis


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 Shoshone Falls

Fort Clapsop 

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The Expedition 

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 The Keelboat

 Jefferson's Letter

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