November 2000

 Learning Update

We have just completed a geometry unit in math, learning a great deal about lines, angles, and various polygons. We have used several types of protractors and a compass in our construction of many geometric shapes. This hands-on approach to math learning has been an important component of the new Everyday Mathematics program at Lake Hills.

Jonathon, left, uses several geometry tools to complete an assignment in his math journal.

In fifteen years of teaching, I have never taught a class with more band and orchestra students. The coatroom is literally packed with instrument cases throughout the week…especially Fridays when all the groups meet.

Many students also participate in the school choir and all students have the opportunity to be a part of an art class on Thursday afternoons.

This winter the plans for our class include the production of a class play about the famous explorers of Lewis and Clark. We hope to be the recipients of a mini-grant to help fund this project.

Danielle works on the finishing touches of her leaf cell assignment in art class last week.

Sarah references her Time for Kids magazine during a "tour" of the White House this week. We also enjoyed a National Geographic video, which provided an interesting history of the White House and the hundreds of people who work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Our recent study in our civics class included a "tour" of the White House. In November, hundreds of guests, including three former Presidents, were invited to dinner at the White House to celebrate its 200th Anniversary.

We held an election on Tuesday, November 7, providing an opportunity for 69 fifth graders to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice. Our election results were available by noon; maybe we could provide some consulting for the state of Florida.

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