Lake Hills Fourth Grade
Science K'NEXtion Project

Our class was awarded a mini-grant from the North Bank Communities Fund, a designated fund of the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, to assist in the development of a Science K'NEXtion Project.

Hands-on instruction is important to developing successful scientific investigation skills and connections to real-world applications of scientific concepts for elementary students. K'NEX building materials offer exceptional play value through building and bringing models to life. They inspire creativity, build self-confidence and encourage interaction among children.

Through the Science K'NEXtion project, Lake Hills Elementary students will develop:

  • an understanding of the position and motion of objects,
  • an understanding of transformations of energy; and
  • the ability to use technological design to understand force and motion

We are thankful for funding of this project and believe it will provide a lasting impact on students who engage in the construction process of scientific models which teach force, energy and motion.

This is what our computer screen looks like
when we begin to use Virtual K'Nex
to construct a model of a helicoptor.

Kady Foote and Darcy Dubuc begin work on
their road racer in the Creation Station.

Chris Weavers and Nick Lobezzetta complete
their model and prepare for a road test.

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