Martin Luther King, Jr. impacted our country well beyond the 39 years he lived. Our class is currently completing research about this civil rights leader and plans to publish reports online in February 2002.

Here are some direct links to online
info about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


 The Man

A Poem

 The Holiday


I Have a Dream 

Photo Gallery

 Online Quiz

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured
by the compassionate actions of its members."

Coretta Scott King
January 16, 2000

 Questions to Consider

When and where was he born?
Who were his parents?
What did he learn as a child?

Where did he go go school?
How was his school different?
What did he like to do in school?
What college did he attend?
Did he play any sports?

What was he trained to do?
What other things did he do?
Did he have a goal or mission in life?
What are Civil Rights?

Where was his "I Have a Dream" speech given?
What was he trying to tell Americans?
Why was this speech important?

Where was he killed?
How was he killed?
Who killed him?
Why was he killed?

Who created the national holiday to recognize him?
What have we learned from him?
How is our country different today?
How do you feel about what he did?

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