Our entire fifth grade class at Lake Hills enjoyed a great day at Greenfield Village this spring. After boarding our chartered motor coaches at 7:15 AM, we enjoyed a scenic ride across the state. Students were guided by adult leaders as we explored the 81-acre historical park. We would like to share a few photographic memories of our excursion.

Greenfield Village Class Trip

Nolan, Kady, Kelly, Jeffrey, and Stephanie enjoy a relaxing ride on the 1913 Carousel. History came alive during our visit of the Hermitage Slave Houses.
After hearing a street debate between Orville and Wilbur Wright, we visited their childhood home.
This is a picture of Thomas Edison's laboratory in the Menlo Park Compound. Notice the organ in the background. The picture below shows the Sarah Jordan Boarding House where some of Edison's female workers lived. Edison's machine shop, above, was a critical link to the industrial revolution. Kady, below, enjoys the hands-on experience of making her own brass candle holder at the Armington & Sims Machine Shop.

   Photographs by Jeffrey & Kirby Chittenden