Presidential Election 2000

After our study of various political groups in Civics class, our election process began by registering voters. Each of the fifth grade classes at Lake Hills Elementary School provided voter information prior to the election. Jesse is adding his signature to the form used to register students for our presidential election.

Do you have pesky brothers and sisters? Every one of our Presidents did. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Kennedy each had eight.

The polls opened in the centrium shortly after classes began on Tuesday, November 7. Registrations were confirmed, ballots provided, and students were guided to their voting "booth" and allowed to cast their vote for one presidential candidate.

Don't worry about your looks. Abraham Lincoln was a homely man, but he was one of our best Presidents. Warren Harding was a handsome man, but he was one of our worst.

Alan and Kady confirmed each voter's registration and provided them with a ballot with presidential candidates listed. Voters waited for only a short time while others completed their ballots highlighting their choice of candidates from four political parties.

A President in your family tree is a plus. John Quincy Adams was John Adams' son. Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were fifth cousins. Benjamin Harrison was William Harrison;s grandson. James Madison and Zachary Taylor were second cousins.

Reva secretly prepared her ballot and placed it in the red ballot box. The polls closed before morning recess and votes were counted by election officials. George W. Bush received 41 votes being selected by 59% of the students. Al Gore received 23 votes and Ralph Nader was chosen by 5 voters.

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