Congratulations to all Lake Hills' students participating in Destination Imagination. Two teams represented our school in the state finals at Central Michigan University on Saturday, April 28.
The puzzle came together at Grand Haven High School as the Lake Hills DInamic Improv Team prepared to take a 2nd place in the DI Regional Tournament on March 17.




Sarah Anderson, Brianna Babbitt, Jeffrey Chittenden, Mike Lyons, John Rood, Evan Strahl, Michelle Michaels

The fifth grade team also received the Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award for their exceptional teamwork, volunteerism, and sportsmanship. They were guided by team manager Scott Rood.


"This group had a level of energy that stayed with us throughout the afternoon. They had a very 'mature' way of working together. They were patient with each other and communicated with each other very well. The smiles remained on their faces the whole time they were in the performance area."

Lake Hills Third Grade DI Team Takes Home Second Place Award

Under the guidance of team manager Ted Woods, our third grade team received a second place award for their oustanding performance in Anonymously Yours.

Tyler Cleveland, Victoria Holman, Peter Mousseau, Rocco Nicosia, Matthew Siemen, Rebecca Walters, Kristin Woods 

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