Two young girls, Betsy and Maria, are walking in a park one day when Betsy looks down near a park bench and finds a leather wallet containing $900. She feels it's "Finders Keepers", while her friend Maria tries to convince her to turn it in to the authorities to try to find the owner. Frustrated by her friend's lack of moral virtue, Maria leaves in a huff, as Betsy slips and falls, hitting her head on the park bench. As she enters into a dreamlike state, well known celebrities (such as Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Mother Teresa) keep popping up to tell her what she should do with the money. A final Round Table of these characters create a decision which Betsy finally figures out for herself.

FINDING CINDERELLA is in production by Kirby Chittenden's class and will feature 9 fifth grade students in a play written by professional actress and producer Connor Snyder. The show opens on Tuesday, May 18. The one act play will also be featured in an evening performance for families and the public on Tuesday, May 25, at Lake Hills Elementary School.

Tyler and Emily work together to connect the six flats used for the upstage walls. Tyler, Ben, and Carly then help raise the walls for our class play. Ellie and Ben roll on the base color for each fence picket.

Lake Hills Elementary School
18181 Dogwood Drive
Spring Lake, MI

May 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25
12:30 pm Kids Cafe

Tuesday, June 1
7:45 pm Family Performance

Maria speaks with a young woman, Cindy Rella, as Betsy explores the wallet she found at the park. Below, Sweet Talkin' Sal talks with Charles Schwab during the Round Table meeting he called.

Mother Teresa discusses the dilemna facing Betsy with Cinderella as Al Gore looks on. Both Al Gore and President George W. Bush meet during the Round Table discussion and contribute their solutions.

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Set Construction, Props, Refreshments
Molly Cooke, Ellie Holman, Rebecca Shay, Alyssa Switzer, Sarah Tibbe, Baylee Tuggle
Kenny DeCan, Tommy DeCan, Ben Orling, Ben Petersen, Chris Velarde, Brody Whiting