Chalk Talk
A ... a scrapbook of classroom quips

"Don't worry...nothing is wrong with your computer monitor. Don't adjust the color. It's just that you're GREEN with envy because I'm celebrating my birthday today...right? My mom brought in these balloons and this cake and my class actually sang 'Happy Birthday' to me. Actually, the cake was really nice. If you want to see a picture in normal color, just click on me."
"I'm not sure who is going to explode first--and I thought this "union suit" was huge to begin with...guess not. I would like to thank my team for their fine effort in making me look totally ridiculous. I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life...wrong. Get me outa here! Yes, that's sentence pattern number three.



Could this be the daughter of Cruella DeVil or a Clairol treatment gone wrong? Okay let's give her some credit for a fashionable, fur-loving costume that comes off pretty scary.

 "Some days feel like military school. This discipline thing just isn't for me...sir. It's my last year at Lake Hills and then I'm a veteran...until next year. Then it's boot camp all over again at the middle school...bummer."  


 "Feed me...quickly...I need nutrition! This test anxiety is getting to me! Do they actually think I'm ready for all the MEAP testing this morning? Maybe this "protein in a blanket" or these mints will help my brain engage in a miraculous manner. Then again...there's no need to fear this testing stuff...right?"

  " guys didn't have to go this far to celebrate my birthday! You really think this magic rope is going to pass right through me? Maybe we could just take a minute to talk about this in a scientific manner? Afterall, I've only lived 9 short years and would like to be around for a few more."  

"This owl pellet thing is amazing. I can't believe all the stuff that I've found as consumed prey. You can't see this tiny bone, but trust me...I'm sure glad that I'm not included in this particular food chain."
 "Even a bus trip to Lansing can be exciting when NAME TAG MAN is on board. Seen only on occasion, this super hero attracts even the smallest name tag. Known for his magnetic personality and winning smile, he came, he saw, he attracted. Beware of losing your tag if he appears within 3 meters of any human wearing one. Being especially fond of blue and red tags, NTM enjoyed quite a harvest during our field trip to the state capitol."