Snow adventures are abundant at the YMCA Camp Pendalouan in February. Our fifth grade class participated
in two days of outdoor education and we enjoyed every minute of the winter wonderland.


 Our hike to Sleepy Hollow was an awesome way to begin our Snow Camp experience. Crossing a small creek on the way to the "old castle" proved to be a challenging activity with all the snow on the narrow bridge.

Group challenge activities were a great test of cooperation and problem solving for each of our teams. Kristen, Jorie, and Tori (above left) struggled with the challenge of the Nitro Crossing . Victoria, right, leads her group on the cross-country ski trails. Below, students advance to the toboggan run and cross-country skiing.

Broomball provided an intense workout during our afternoon electives. It was cold but the girls huddled together to generate some comfort. From top left to right: Hannah, Elizabeth, Lauren, Jorie, Kristin, Rylee, Katie, and Victoria.

Hannah, Rylee, and Dustin suceed in starting a fire as a part of their "survival" training.
Kristin, Katie, Lauren, and Elizabeth team together in a similar attempt using only 5 matches and kindling.

Katie and others receive instruction on how to use a compass as students prepared to participate in the Gold Rush activity.
At right, Jonathan, Katie, Elizabeth, and Gabe team together to find the location of their "gold" during the outdoor game.

Photographs by Rick Petersen, Tammy Hamlin, and Kirby Chittenden
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