Mr. Chittenden enjoyed his descent from the high ropes course even if it was a bit more horizontal than usual. Lake Hills students strapped on safety harnesses and set their own goals for the course while experienced instructors lead them through various elements and encouraged them in their challenge.
Nic and Jonathan, above, venture into the experience with enthusiasm. The air temperature may only be 20 degrees, but this kind of activity and adrenalin keeps you warm and comfortable.
Thomas, left, is challenged by the balance beam. Who said you're not supposed to look down? Darcy confidently approaches the platform for the "grapevine" challenge.
Mario completes his "grapevine" challenge on a chilly February morning. Towering approximately 35 feet, the high ropes course provides a safe challenge for intermediate, middle, and high school students. Constructed in April 2000, the various elements were specifically designed for the outdoor education program at Camp Pendalouan.