Artistic Expression Important at Lake Hills Elementary School

The students in fifth grade expressed their own drawing styles by drawing their neighbors in art class. We discussed various styles of drawing by showing examples of different pictures of artwork. Then we talked about varied expression people have like happy, sad, etc.  The students were excited about this project and the wheels were turning about how they were going to draw their neighbors.

- Gabe Ashendorf


They first used white chalk to draw their neighbor and also put in a background. When the drawing was complete they used white glue to go over their chalk lines. We let these dry until the following week.

- Elizabeth Valle

- Jonathan Keur

The second week we used chalk pastels for coloring in their drawing. After this was done we sprayed them with hair spray to which allowed for the glue lines to come through. The glue allows the black to show through for nice lines.
Ms. Sarah Rees is the fourth and fifth grade art teacher at Lake Hills Elementary School. A graduate of Grand Valley State University, she majored in art and minored in education. Ms. Rees enjoys making custom jewelry, oil painting, reading, and traveling. This is her third year with Grand Haven Area Public Schools and she also teaches at Griffin, Peach Plains, and Ferry schools.