Welcome!  This is the Kids Cafe where you have a chance to get aquainted with Kirby Chittenden's fifth grade class at Lake Hills Elementary School in Spring Lake, Michigan. Whether you're a parent or a friend of one these students, we hope you will visit our online classroom again real soon.

2005-2006 Fifth Grade Class

Outdoor education at Camp Pendalouan provides the fifth grade students in Kirby Chittenden's class an opportunity to learn a variety of survival skills. Briana, Christian, Drew, and Halei huddle inside a shelter they created from a tarp, rope, and logs.

Group challenges during Snow Camp require team work for fifth grade students. Kyle, Cayman, Drew, Cassie, Lisa, and Alex work closely together during an outdoor education activity called Nitro.

Lisa, Drew, and Tharan focus their attention on putting "Fred in the shed" as they learn ot use a compass.

Giving up your treasure to an adult robber can become a dramatic event during a game of Gold Rush at Camp Pendalouan.

Kyle, Connor, and Kevin team together during their survival class to construct a shelter.

This section is dedicated to those student who survived fourth/fifth grade with Mr. Chittenden. Enjoy looking back through each scrapbook at some of the events
and people of the past.

2004-2005 Fifth Grade Class
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