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The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings
J.R.R. Tolkien's


SET CONSTRUCTION gets under way with a terrific crew on Saturday, February 28. Middle Earth had its genesis and this was ours. We also thank Rycenga Building Center for their generous support of our production efforts.

STUDENTS don the paint shirts and stain the wood with care during their lunch hour.

SET ARTIST Bonnie Benes uses chalk and charcoal for the backgrounds of Mirkwood forest and Bilbo's fireplace.

GOLLUM (Chris), the night creature, makes a futile attempt to attack the elusive Bilbo Baggins (Molly) during a rehearsal in March. We thank EasilySuede for their provision of Bilbo's sword, Sting.

SANDING and painting props kept us engaged the day before spring break.

helps position the new PAR56 cans for the DMX lighting system and controller recently purchased by the Northshore PTA.

SMAUG, the fire breathing dragon of Lonely Mountain, begins with a frame of bamboo and chicken wire. Lake Hills' art teacher Sarah Rees "adopted" the project to her basement creating his plaster skin and slowly molding the six-foot head into shape. She used a balloon inside the bamboo supports to form the nose of the dragon.

are an important part of our play and our parents are also involved in helping us with these details.

REHEARSALS take place more frequently as we approach the opening. Gandalf (Sarah) and Bilbo (Molly) work on the epilogue.

WEEKENDS are times to get ahead with technical issues and details. Whether it's measuring material, set decoration, sound, lights, or cleaning props, many people have volunteered to help with the production. Even delivering a fire-breathing dragon to school on a Saturday morning was fun.

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