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The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien's

2005 Fifth Grade Class Play
Lake Hills Elementary School

Wednesday, May 4 Thursday, May 5
1:30 & 7:00 PM 1:30 & 7:00 PM


The Quest That Started It All

of The Hobbit takes place 60 years before the start of the story told in The Lord of the Rings. Twenty-five years after this adventure, Bilbo's cousin, Frodo, is born and becomes the principal character in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you're to read Tolkien's works, the best place to begin is with The Hobbit, as people and events of this story are a prelude to Tolkien's later writings.

BILBO BAGGINS is a comfortably well-off hobbit with a love for rousing adventure stories. Real adventures, however, are definitely not his cup of tea. So when Gandalf the wizard knocks at Bilbo's door, bringing with him Thorin Oakenshield, 12 ragged looking dwarfs, and a contract for an adventure to recover the lost treasure of Lonely Mountain, Bilbo could not be less interested--at first. But Bilbo's love of a good story gets the better of him, and before he knows it, he is off on a perilous quest over mountain and under hill through caves and forest and slimy dark places.

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Woodstock, Illinois

The Cast


Bilbo Baggins

MOLLY brings considerable theatrical experience to our classroom having performed with both Central Park Players (School House Rock and Monsters in the Closet) and Muskegon Civic Theatre (Peter Pan and The King and I). She also preformed as Marta in the GHHS production of The Sound of Music. Before moving to Grand Haven, Molly lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Molly, 11, would like to thank her dad for getting her into acting as well as Norma Bethke and Judy Johnson for helping her along the way. Molly would like to become a professional actress/singer after she attends college. She believes her experiences in theater will give her an edge at such a career. We do, too.

Hobbit name: Lila Bunce of Brockenborings

Thorin Oakenshield

BRODY accepted the challenge of the role of Thorin because he thought the play would be a lot of fun to be in. His favorite subjects are social studies and art. Brody likes to play football and soccer and aspires to be a football announcer. He feels he would be a natural at this since football is one of his favorite topics of conversation and he describes himself as talkative. Good luck, Brody. Although we may have to wait a few years, we’ll be looking for you on Monday nights!

Hobbit name: Sancho Foxburr of Loamsdown

Gandalf the Wizard

SARAH is 11 years old and has a younger sister who attends Ferrysburg Elementary. She loves to ski and swim and wanted to be in this play to see how good she is at acting. Sarah’s previous stage experience includes several dance recitals. Sarah loves to read and looks forward to silent reading time in the classroom. Sarah aspires to be an interior designer and currently dabbles in it in her own bedroom. Sarah may play a wizard but she insists she is nothing like her character. "Okay," she admits, "maybe a little."

Hobbit name: Prisca Chubb


enjoys drawing monsters and skiing. He thought being in the play sounded exciting and he really likes the character he plays. Chris loves cute reptiles such as turtles, lizards, and frogs "which are amphibians." Chris’s favorite subject is art because he is a good artist and it is fun doing projects. Chris is 10 years old and has a younger brother and two pets. Although he recently moved into a new house, Chris has lived in the Grand Haven area all of his life. Chris’s previous stage experience includes choir concerts.

Hobbit name: Mungo Chubb


BEN loves to skateboard and would like to own a skateboard shop in the future. His rationale is that he can skate board whenever he wants to and make lots of money at it at the same time. Sounds great! Ben helps his family around the house by mowing the lawn and keeping his room clean. Ben is 11 years old and has 1 brother, 1 sister and 4 pets.

Hobbit name: Todo Bumbleroot of Fair Downs


favorite subjects are math and music. She enjoys playing the cello and is currently the only cellist in the fifth grade orchestra. Baylee is 10 years old and has one older sister, one younger sister and one younger brother. Baylee also enjoys playing soccer and participating in gymnastics. She has been a member of Destination Imagination (DI) for the past three years. Although Baylee would like to be a professional soccer player, she thinks going to college to become a veterinarian would be fun. Baylee thinks being in The Hobbit will be a great experience for her. We think you’re right!

Hobbit name: Polly Chubb


ALEC is actively involved in soccer; he is a talented player and was even nominated to play for the USA 11-year-old soccer team! Alec’s dream is to become a professional soccer player and from what we see on the playground he has the speed and the goal kick already mastered. He has 2 dogs named Moose and Cocoa as well as a lizard named Spike. Alec wanted to be in a play this year and we are certainly glad that his debut is in The Hobbit.

Hobbit name: Fard Loamsdown of Deep Hallow


was born in Detroit and moved to Albany before settling in Spring Lake all before her Kindergarten year. Rebecca is an avid reader and a dancer. She plays both violin and cornet, AND she regularly competes in the sport of speed-skating! Rebecca wanted to be in The Hobbit so she can work on her acting abilities and polish her skills in order to speak comfortably in front of people later in life. Rebecca aspires to become a lawyer and feels she would be good at this job since she always speaks the truth. We think Rebecca is headed for Washington and she’ll make us all proud when she’s in the White House.

Hobbit name: Lila Grubb


ALLIE is not new to the stage having performed in Once Upon a Mattress. Allie also delighted the audience by singing in the talent show twice during the last few years. Her favorite subjects are music and art. She enjoys drawing and playing tennis. Allie would like to be a singer when she grows up. She loves "tiny, little things" and stuffed animals. Allie is eleven years old and has 3 younger brothers and three pets.

Hobbit name: Daisy Frumblefoot


TOMMY likes to make messes! He helps his family by cleaning up (good thing) and doing yard work. Tommy acquired his stage experience by performing in the elaborate Glory of Easter pageant production at his church. Tommy wanted to be in this play because he could play Dork and argue with his twin brother Kenny, playing Doof, without getting into trouble from his parents. Tommy wants to be a professional basketball player and looks to start his career by being a part of the fifth grade boys' basketball team.

Hobbit name: Moro Hardbottle


is 10 years old and has a twin brother playing the part of Dork, an older brother and an older sister. He likes art and reading. His favorite books are the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. He wanted to be in this play because he also enjoyed reading The Hobbit and thought acting out the scenes would be fun. Kenny would like to be a carpenter when he grows up. He believes he would be good at it because he really likes to "build stuff." Kenny’s stage experience includes being in The Glory of Easter at Spring Lake Wesleyan Church.

Hobbit name: Marmadd Hardbottle

Man 1


MICHAEL lived in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, before moving to Spring Lake. This is his first year at Lake Hills and he has been a great addition to our school. Michael helps his family at home by keeping his baby sister Emma happy. He is good at math and music and wants to pursue the music circuit as a career so he can become a star! He would also like to investigate the "video game testing" industry because he is a master of video games. In the interim he is interested in finding a few more friends to play video games with so that he is not bored. It’s all research...right?

Hobbit name: Berilac Loamsdown



BRENDA is not a stranger to the stage since she has been in 6 dance recitals. She started dancing at the age of three and has been delighting her family and audiences with her performances ever since. Brenda would like to go to college to become a marine biologist. She is a good swimmer and she is interested in sea creatures. Brenda also enjoys reading because "it gives me a chance to explore." Brenda is 10 years old and has a dog named Zara and a cat named Rosco.

Hobbit name: Bramblerose Moss


BEN is a native of Spring Lake and enjoys the outdoors. His favorite sports are rock climbing and hockey. Ben has been involved with hockey for "a long time" and is always playing sports on the playground. His favorite subjects are math and art. Ben’s past theater experience includes a role in a Christmas play. He was born on March 8, 1994, and has one older sister and 3 pets.

Hobbit name: Todo Small Burrows of Sandy Downs



SARAH lived in Minnesota before moving to Michigan. She has one younger brother who also attends Lake Hills. Her favorite subjects are art and science. Art is therapeutic for Sarah. She states, "I can be creative and that is the way I express myself." Sarah’s previous performance experience includes being in a sign language drama act, and in a gymnastic show. Sarah loves to act and be funny. She describes herself as kind, funny and a drama queen. Her favorite color is bright green. Sarah sees cartooning or perhaps being a fashion designer in her future.

Hobbit name: Prisca Bumbleroot of Haysend

Tall Goblin

BRIAN likes bike riding and playing video games. He is happy to be included in this production because he has wanted to be in a play since he was 7 years old. Brian helps around the house by taking care of his baby sister. He would like to become a monster truck driver when he gets older. He thinks he has all the right moves to become a great driver since he has been watching monster trucks in action for a very long time. Brian’s favorite colors are pink, black and red.

Hobbit name: Todo Hamwich of Buckelberry Fern



MICHAEL aspires to be a sports store manager. He feels this would be a great occupation for him because he loves to play sports. Michael plays football and soccer both on the recess field and in area leagues. He has one older brother, one younger brother, a dog, and a lizard named Stuey. He wanted to be in this play because he thought he would be good at his part. Michael would like the audience to know that he "gets along with just about anybody except my brothers and anybody that likes Michigan State."

Hobbit name: Berilac Brambleburr of Bindbale Wood


BEN is 11 years old and has lived in Spring Lake all of his life. He is the middle child sandwiched between sisters. At this time, Ben would like to consider a career in dentistry. He believes since he has had a lot of experience with metal in his mouth he is well prepared for the orthodontic aspect. Ben also states, "I don't get sick when I look in people's mouths." We agree with Ben that this is a very important trait for anyone with dentistry aspirations!

Hobbit name: Todo Sandydowns

Goblin 1

lived in Cedar Springs, Michigan, before moving to Spring Lake. She is 11 years old and has an older and younger brother. Chelsey enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, and helping her Grandma by working in her shop. Her previous stage experience includes a part in the production of The Bear Who Wanted to Eat the Moon. Chelsey would like to go to college to become a vet, possibly specializing in mice, or work in a hair salon. Her pet mouse, Tiny, is really hoping for the veterinarian career. Which ever path you choose Chelsey, we’re sure you’ll be successful.

Hobbit name: Azaelia Bunce of Brokens Borings



RACHEL has been involved with acting through the Muskegon Civic Theater program. She would like to continue studying theater and someday be a professional actress. Rachel enjoys art and social studies; she feels the best thing about social studies is the chance to learn about explorers. Rachel was a member of the fifth grade girls basketball team. She really had a great experience and now considers basketball to be her favorite sport. Rachel is 10 years old and has 3 sisters and 2 pets. She describes herself as funny, nice and caring. We agree.

Hobbit name: Tigerlilly Took of Great Smials


brings years of dance experience to our stage. She started taking dance lessons at the tender age of 2. Her training includes ballet, jazz and tap lessons. Alyssa is currently under the instruction of Diane’s School of Dance and a member of their traveling dance company. We credit them for their assistance with The Elvin Dance in our play. Alyssa’s group has won national competitions and has had the honor of dancing on stages in many exciting cities as well as the stages at both Walt Disney World and Epcot Center. Alyssa would like to go to college to become a veterinarian. She loves to handle animals. With 4 pets of her own, she is well on her way.

Hobbit name: Rosie-Posie Sandy Banks

Kili/Man 2

JESSE enjoys music. He plays in the fifth grade band and writes, "music is cool because we learn new notes." Jesse has previously performed in his church play and thinks that being in The Hobbit is a nice way to take up his time. Jesse is the middle child of three boys. He helps his family by watching his little brother Theo. Jesse would like to be a pro skate boarder after he graduates from high school and has already mastered the Ollie, 50-50, and part of a kick flip on the skateboard.

Hobbit name: Dimple Knotwise of Michel Delving

Warrior 1

TAYLOR is a newcomer to Lake Hills this year. We are so happy to have him in fifth grade. His quick smile and helpful attitude is such a nice addition to our class. Taylor is 11 years old and has 2 brothers. He helps his family by cleaning the cars. Taylor is rarely seen outside without a football in his hand. He is fast on his feet and quick at catching the ball. Taylor aspires to be a pro-football player once he has finished college.

Hobbit name: Falco took of Great Smials

King Goblin/Warrior 3

ETHAN is 10 years old and lived in Detroit before moving to Spring Lake. Ethan enjoys playing chess and has attended many of our chess clinics. He also participated in the Lake Hills Winter Chess Tournament. Ethan has two pets, two sisters and one brother. His favorite school subjects are music and reading. Ethan would like to look into the possibility of becoming a truck driver because "I have been in my dad’s truck and he taught me all of the gears."

Hobbit name: Till Hardbottle


has been on the stage before. She was part of the cast in the phenomenal production of The Glory of Easter as well as a participant in various children’s musicals. Ellie is a very talented athlete. She plays soccer, basketball, and softball. Ellie was a member of the Lake Hills fifth grade girls' basketball team. She helps her family by making them laugh and doing chores. Ellie would like to go to college to become a veterinarian because she loves animals. She would like the audience to know that "she is a really neat person to know." We certainly agree with you there.

Hobbit name: Camellia Sandy Banks of Frogmorton



DEAIRRA is new to Lake Hills this year, coming to us from Richmond, Virginia. She loves to sing and wanted to be in this play because "even though I had never been in a play, it seems exciting." Deairra enjoyed being a member of the fifth grade girls' basketball team and now considers basketball to be her favorite sport. The other school subjects that she enjoys are math and art. Deairra helps her family by "caring for them and giving them all of my love." We think that’s the best gift of all.

Hobbit name: Pansy Sandy Banks of Frogmorton

Warrior 2

CODY is a native of Spring Lake and has one brother and one sister. He is a very good chess player and recently participated in the Lake Hills Winter Chess Tournament. Cody also attended all of the chess clinics that we offered and has helped some of the other players with chess strategies. Cody enjoys writing and learning about social studies. He is often seen playing soccer or kickball during recess. Cody has a great smile; look for it during the curtain call.

Hobbit name: Podo Bracegirdle of Hardbottle

Mr. Chittenden

directed his first play at the age of 12. Although it was only a backyard production, the press showed up and he has maintained an interest in theatrical arts ever since. He is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a master’s degree in elementary education. He has been active with Central Park Players and Muskegon Civic Theatre in recent years. Mr. Chittenden also directed the Passion play for Spring Lake Wesleyan Church for 7 years. Hundreds of people were involved in the annual productions that reached audiences of more than 4000. His most recent role was in Muskegon Civic Theatre’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” He loves to relax at his cabin, play piano, write, and spend time with his wife, Susan, and children, Jeffrey and Shelby.

Kirby Chittenden
Karen Holman
Beth LaBeff
Doreen Petersen
Mueril Tuggle
Margaret Shay