Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Along with power washing the house and removing some playground equipment now that the kids are in high school, summer projects around our home are essential in preventing total dysfunction among two teachers and two adolescents who are pretty much under the same roof 24/7 during the summer.

Two technology related projects have consumed some of my time in recent weeks as I assisted in helping launch two web sites. is the most recent endeavor involving several friends. I look at it as a form of technological discipleship. Now thereís a term you wonít find listed among the course offerings at Cornerstone University; but visit the site and see how we hope to help some local churches.

Actually Paul Yuen and Warren Kramer comprise the design engine and Iím along to manage content and develop some sense of community. Paul is a very talented interactive developer for Gospel Communications. You can check out some of his creative projects at Warren has been involved in communication arts for nearly three decades. He also teaches seminars on visual design, Web design and digital imagery. Pay him a visit at

Secondly, Iíve wanted to collaborate in a writing project with others for several years, so the idea of went beyond incubation this summer and became reality when a few friends were willing to join in the effort. Even today as I chatted with another person who may be contributing to Faithscope, I realized that some very good writers crave an opportunity to express themselves in relationship to their faith journey.

I believe Christian writers have significant things to say and the promotion of appropriate communication among them is essential to our unity. As writers contribute their thoughts on classical spiritual disciplines such as prayer, study, simplicity, solitude, service, and worship, I hope their messages will infuse our faith with fertile teachings that produce abundant spiritual fruit.

Thanks for spending a few minutes of your summer with me. Iím back outside to spread some black dirt and grass seed where the playground equipment once stood. Actually, the task is somewhat of an emotional passage. Where did the last decade go?


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