Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Iíve had to blink my eyes more than once in recent weeks and was wondering if the trees were once again obstructing my view of the forest. Maybe I just donít get it.

SCENARIO: I almost changed lanes stretching my neck to confirm the sign on M104 boldly proclaiming the topic for Easter Sunday: ďThe Cosmic Christ Risen in Us.Ē The alliteration was nice but the adjective seemed almost blasphemous at worst and merely Darwinian psychobabble at best.

I just donít get this new age Christianity that has sadly infiltrated some congregations that once focused on a Biblical Christ. And donít write off my criticism as merely a fundamentalist point of viewóhardly. Even C.S. Lewis recognized potential flaws in both the Catholic and the Protestant journeys.

SCENARIO: The field trip was in question because school policy required 90 minutes of uninterrupted reading instruction every day. I know the edicts continue for educators every year (and the federal government seems to be making a mess of state responsibilities), but this one blew me away. No doubt the mandates in this urban school district are vital, but I just donít get it.

This ďitĒ sounds like a case of school getting in the way of education to me. What are teachers to do? Although William Shakespeare was not addressing 21st century English language arts, his phrase ďto thine own self be true,Ē just might be appropriate for those of us who have spent years becoming the teachers we are.

SCENARIO: I was cheering for our high school basketball team, and the guy one bleacher in front of me turned around and threatened me with words that I donít care to include in this blog. I just donít get why someone would say such things, especially with my young daughter sitting next to me.

I then spotted a policeman standing near the entrance to the gymnasium only yards away. I was nervous, but knew I needed to seek help. After all, social boundaries do exist and this unwelcome breech required attention. The officer agreed. Thankfully, the opposing fan complied and left the stands. We won the game, but I also decided to travel to the parking lot with a group of friends that night.

Whether its bizarre religiosity, frustrating educational mandates, or inappropriate human behavior, an occasional blink is necessary to clear my vision and to reestablish some sense of reality and hope. I feel better.


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