Sunday, January 09, 2005


I was looking forward to heading north for a few days. I just finished wrestling with the integral code of a small web site as I began my weekend. It’s the final punch list on projects like this that can thrust your design into a mode of frustration. Finally, I approached closure on the extracurricular project.

I then discovered that my son was expected to create a PowerPoint presentation by Monday morning for his high school biology class. After I called his teacher for further clarification, I wondered when the last time she actually created such a presentation on the epidemiology, treatment, and prognosis of botulism. Good grief! So, I provided a framework for Jeff’s research and after four hours and a 10-minute break, he developed an awesome multimedia project. Meanwhile, I had multi-tasked my morning away.

Embarking on a weekend retreat was now considerably delayed and sans son. I finally headed north to the cabin on Saturday afternoon leaving Jeff behind to complete another project for his American History class. Is there life outside of high school these days? Has this homework thing gotten a bit out of hand? More teachers should get their life back and embrace Mark Twain’s maxim: “Never let school get in the way of your education." Teachers, please reference this link.

I frequent the River Stop Café in Newaygo and often enjoy a light meal and good coffee enroute to the cabin. Some of the home-grown entertainment at the café is worthy of credit as well. The same ensemble of ladies that perform on weekends at the River Stop have recently appeared at the Porto Bello on Wednesday evenings in Grand Haven. Genetics go a long way in creating musical success for this talented mother and her two daughters.

Since I was already across the street from Powers Outdoors, I decided to take advantage of their sale and my remaining Christmas gift money to buy a new winter coat. Clothing technology has developed extensively from the days of gas-powered parkas. I’m not sure what those devices looked like, but I enjoyed Garrison Keillor’s humorous reference to them during the Saturday night radio broadcast of Prairie Home Companion. It seemed to confirm my pleasure with the apparel upgrade I just made from Greg.

I switched on the four-wheel drive as I plowed my way through the snow at the cabin entrance. The journey had been a bit tangled, but I was there. I unloaded the truck, turned up the heat, and enjoyed a few hours of reading and relaxation. A few eggs and pancakes later in the evening were a fine prelude to a good night’s rest.


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