Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I was always intrigued with the passion of Qui Gon Jin: "Your focus is your reality." The Jedi mentor of Star Wars fame packed a lot of instruction into those five words; and I doubt that young Anakin Skywalker truly understood the scope of that lesson. To whom or what you direct your attention, is what determines your reality. The ability to change your focus in a second does not change the fact that your focus IS your reality.

I enjoy writing! I also encourage my students to write frequently in response to many content areas--math, science, social studies. In a time when most students have considerable difficulty narrowing their attention, the entire process of writing seems to perpetuate a healthy kind of focus. Since I encourage students to respond in writing as often as possible, then what's the big deal about an online journal or web log?

Hopefully, my family will read a frequent post...they love me. Maybe my friends will choose to be notified when something new is just might mention them. And maybe my students will take an extra few minutes to read my journal during their computer lab...because it's an assignment of sorts. All that is almost scary.

Maybe in order to reduce the fear factor, I will invite other writers to post their emphasis. Afterall, I haven't seen too many BLOGS which become a collaborative effort. This just might work!

I hope you will appreciate the focus...because it does dictate reality. Editor Maxwell Perkins once said, "We must somehow bring the underlying scheme or pattern of [our writing] into emphasis, so that the reader will be able to see the forest in spite of the many trees." That's the focus and that's our reality for this project.